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    Ceramic tableware


    Ceramic tableware

Ceramic tableware made in France


The company was born from the dream of a Belgian Ceramic Engineer and Artisan of Art; and a Millavoise Visual Artist.
Combining their technical and artistic skills, this dynamic and creative duo launches into the artisanal manufacture of ceramic products for domestic use: tableware parts by casting or turning, objects of decorations in modeling and many other accessories to embellish the daily life and home of each.

Like the star, the «KOMET» productions are the result of the clever mix of water, fire and earth, ecological, sustainable and recyclable materials.
The workshop is located in the town of Millau. There, for two centuries, more than 600 pottery workshops have developed a quasi-industrial production of sigillate ceramic dishes and pots, spread to the borders of the Roman Empire.

Why the name KOMET?

A little scientific popularization beforehand: comets are among the small bodies in the Solar System that orbit our star and were formed around 4.56 billion years ago.

They are among the most primitive bodies in our solar system, and the origin of cometary matter remains a matter of debate to this day, and may also depend on the comet being studied and considered. Science has learned a great deal about the chemical nature and refractory composition of these stars thanks to the Rosetta space mission. This research has revealed the presence of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Analysis of the dust grains identified silicates. Some of these silicates were formed at very high temperatures, as evidenced by their crystalline forms.

So what's involved? Water, silicate rock, gas and heat are all essential components of ceramics. That's why KOMET bears the name!  Everyday objects in terracotta, from common clay to noble earths, the creative possibilities are as infinite as these celestial stars.

The soul in the product, the passion in the plate

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